Kathy DeNoble
Kathy DeNobleOwner, SpeedPro Magnolia
Texas became Kathy’s home when she was eleven, and she has worked and lived in the Magnolia area now for the past 18 years. She recently received her bachelor’s degree in business, and in March of 2017, purchased a large format printing franchise, SpeedPro Imaging Magnolia.
Prior to purchasing the franchise, Kathy worked in the oil and gas industry for seventeen years. Beginning as a billing clerk, Kathy worked her way up the totem pole at Liner Shoes Inc. (a global supplier for oil field equipment in Houston, Texas), where she eventually held the role of vice president. After being laid off in January of 2017, she decided to pursue a different career direction, finding a great opportunity with SpeedPro Imaging.
Kathy along with her husband Brian are members of Joyful Life Lutheran Church, and have been married for 28 years, they have three sons, the youngest set to graduate this school year from Magnolia High School. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and Photography, and is happy to call herself a business owner in Magnolia.